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2020  Goals

1. Research Team for New Global Treaties in International Law

2. Research Team for Energy Studies and Human Rights 

3. Research Team for Rights in Nature

4. Research Team for the Study of  Optional Protocols to  Human Rights Treaties

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1. Research Team for New Global Treaties in International Law


Reforms have been actively pursued by States and the United Nations in the last twenty-five years. At this juncture, there are key proposals pending finality or completion as binding global frameworks. There is the proposal for a Convention on the Rights of Older Persons, a Treaty on Human Rights and Business and the Zero Draft on Right to Development. Considering time and context are important to international law, the proposals shed light on the new agendas and approaches, making them an important area of study under international law. 

2. Research Team for Energy Studies & Human Rights

Energy is a resource, of material and non-material value to multiple stakeholders including state, corporations, communities and individuals. Over the years, with questions posed on the processes of energy consumption, production and distribution, the domain of energy systems and all of its advancements has been reviewed in light of claims for justice, equality, affordability, and availability.


Who owns energy? Can energy become a source of injustice and deprivation? Is energy a recognized human right? Are energy resources a market commodity or public good? With a large canvas for exploration and study, the importance of the interface between energy studies and human rights is undeniable.  

3. Research Team for Rights in Nature


Time Frame: May- June, 2020

Final Report: Earth Consciousness and Evolving Frameworks, 2020

Special:  Earth Day and World Biodiversity Day, 2020.

Members: Kirat Sodhi & Deepa Kansra

Status: Task completed



4. Research Team for Study of Optional Protocols to

Human Rights Treaties 


Report: Introduction to ICESCR Optional Protocol [OP-ICESCR]

Members: Mallika Ramachandran & Deepa Kansra

Status: Active

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