Is fraternity a forgotten ideal? Is socialism outdated? What advantage does republicanism offer? Is secularism politically motivated? Are there any global ethics?Questions of this  are multiple & willing to multiply. Legal systems are exploring the foundations of their constitutions to educate the young minds about principles/ideals that affect them day to day.  Constitutions over the world are propelling significant reforms & innovations for their respective societies. What ushers such dynamism is a fundamental question. 


There is growing consensus on the role of preambles in constitutional interpretation & adjudication. Preambles also referred to as the integrative power, a binding force, & a substantive source of rights. 

The authors have contributed immensely  to put forth a more contemporary picture of the Preamble. 

What to find- Chapters;

Preamble- Indian Constitution, We the People, Sovereignty, Socialism, Secularism, Democracy, Republicanism, Justice- Liberty- Equality, Fraternity. 

ISBN 978-93-5035-373-8


An ideology reflects a set of ideas or beliefs that get entrenched into the working of society & legal institutions. The strength of a social & legal system primarily would depend on the ideology governing it. 

The reading of socialism with democracy brings one closer to understanding the interplay between power & responsibility. 

What to find- chapters;

Understanding Socialism, A Tale of India's Socialism, Modern Day Democracy, Globalization & Re-emergence of Socialism.

ISBN 978-81-7273-637-8


We live in a period of enormous contradictions, so well reflected in social life as well as in legal discourse...In the last six decades or so, democracy in India has witnessed some of the unprecedented upheavals both in the social and political life of the nation as well as in the arena of law. 

The present book is an ensemble of contributions from young legal scholars from some of the major legal institutions of India. 

What to find; Constitutional Adjudication, Religion in the  Public Sphere, Critical Aspects of Fundamental Duties, Food Security Challenges ...

ISBN 978-81-7273-686-6


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