# Rights of the Non-Human, at the Climate Jamboree organized by the TERI School of Advanced Studies, 2018. (Session: Sustainability and Law). 

# Human Rights & the Practice of Cross- Referencing by Courts

Webinar organized by the Department of Law, Guru Nanak Dev University , Amritsar. [May, 2020] 

# The International Human Rights Framework & Disasters

For students at the Special Centre for Disaster Research and Management, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, 2019. 

# Transnational Law 

For the Post-graduate students of law at the Indian Law Institute, 2017.

# Human Right to Family Planning   ​

Conference on “Health Laws with Special reference to Women’s Health Issues”, organized by the Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi , 2019.

Redesigning the text and context of Human Rights in Globalized India, 

Annual International and Area Studies Convention on “Ascending India: Reflections on Global and Regional Dimensions” , organized by the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2019.​ [Session on Human Rights in Globalized India].

The Idea of Fraternity in Contemporary Law and Politics,

 Indian Institute of Advanced Study (Shimla), 2014.


Criminal Law and Hardship ,

Indian Institute of Advanced Study (Shimla), 2013. 





Annual International Human Rights Day Seminar on Assertion of Human Rights in National and International Contexts, at the Human Rights Studies Programme, School of International Studies, JNU- 10th December, 2018.


Talk on Assessing the Law relating to Sexual Violence against Children in India through the Human Rights Prism organized by the Human Rights Studies Programme, SIS, JNU -  4th October 2018. 


Classroom Series: Reading Human Rights/ All Rights Reserved/2020