Mallika Ramachandran

Academic Works 

MOOC's Completed

2015: Critical Thinking – Reason and Fair Play in Communication, Iversity (Maastricht School of Management, Romania.

2014: Hadrian’s Wall, Futurelearn (Newcastle University)

2014: Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Coursera (Edinburgh University).

2014: Fantasy and Science Fiction: Our Human Mind, The Modern World, Coursera (University of Michigan).

2014: The Modern and the Post Modern, Coursera (Wesleyan University).

2014: Introduction to Philosophy, Coursera (University of Edinburgh).




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  • (2012) A Review of Gary Born: International Arbitration: Cases and Materials, (Wolters Kluwer, 2011), in 1(1) Indian Journal of Arbitration Law

Popular Articles


 2004: “A Whole New World” in Education Times, Times of India, New Delhi.


2004: “Make the Most of Your Time” in HT Horizons, Hindustan Times, New Delhi.


2004: “Your Time Starts Now” in Education Times, Times of India, New Delhi.


2003: “Manage Life Skillfully” in Education Times, Times of India, New Delhi.


  • January 2006- May 2006 Internship at the Competition Commission of India; prepared research papers on Comparative Study of: 1. Law on Abuse of Dominant Position, 2. Anti-competitive Agreements, 3. Mergers and Competition 4. Advocacy. Prepared draft advocacy materials.

  • October- November 2005: Worked as researcher at the Legal Cell, National Commission for Women, research and study on the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Place of Work Bill

  • August-September, 2005: Worked as Researcher with Prof. Nomita Aggarwal, Dean, Faculty of Law, Delhi University, Research on Panchayati Raj and Social Security for the Elderly.

  • June-July 2005: Internship at Law Combine, Ansal Chambers, Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi. Research on Company Law, FEMA, Arbitration, contracts; review of legal documents and preparing articles for publication.

  • February 2005: Internship at Delhi High Court in the Court of Hon’ble Mr. Justice R.C. Chopra.

  • September-November, 2004: Worked as Researcher with Prof. Nomita Aggarwal, Dean, Faculty of Law, Delhi University, Research on Gender Sensitization, Federalism, Women and Human Rights and Family Courts.

  • June-July, 2002: Internship at Centre for Development Studies and Action, New Delhi, Research on Women’s Reservation Bill, Domestic Violence Legislation, Legislation on Sexual harassment of Women at Place of Work and Incidence of Crimes against Women.

  • Rapporteur at: Conference on Sexual Harassment of Women at Place of Work, India Habitat Centre, Delhi, National Conference on Role of Dowry Prohibition Officers and Review of Dowry Legislation, IIPA, Delhi, Workshop on Curriculum on Feminist Jurisprudence, India International Centre, Delhi.

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